Everything You Need To Know About Love Bracelets And Why You Need It

In ancient Egypt, bracelets were made of gold and precious stones. They not only showed the status of the owner, but were also ritual decorations. Ancient Egyptian bracelets often depicted sacred symbols that were designed to protect the wearer from harm.

The ancient Greeks attached to bracelets a different meaning they were worn by warriors to protect their wrists from the enemy’s swords. Bracelets were made of thick leather and often supplemented with metal elements. The luxury in those days was blamed. Therefore, silver and gold bracelets with precious stones, although made by jewelers, were rarely worn by nobles. Wearing a large amount of jewelry, especially for a man, was considered the height of indecency. The Love bracelet happens to be the most famous ones.

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Bracelets of the ancient Celts are a special culture. Patterned weaving can often be seen in the jewelry of this nation. The Celts believed that existing life would be next. It is this theory that is reflected in the patterns that decorated the jewelry, including bracelets.

In the country since ancient times bracelets also served as amulets. Among the Slavs, the culture of wearing amulets was especially developed each ring, pendant or bracelet carried a special meaning. Jewelry found in the hiding places of the Russian nobility of the time are vivid examples of jewelry art. Bracelets decorated with images of animals, birds, plants, heroes of fairy tales and legends were found. The material used to make jewelry was used variously: embossed leather, bronze, copper, gold, silver, wood, glass.

Women and men are commonly wearing bracelets with names of a loved one. For this, the bracelets were decorated with precious stones in a certain sequence the first letter of the name of the stones corresponded to the letters of the cherished name. This is the main reason why bracelets for revenues are commonly being done in pairs, to cater couples.

Nowadays, bracelets do not lose popularity. Both women and men use this accessory both on weekdays and on holidays. And designers around the world are trying to guess the desires of consumers and never get tired of surprising with new collections of bracelets and other jewelry for women and men.

How to wear bracelets?

There are a few unspoken rules that should be followed when wearing bracelets:

  • It does not matter which hand to wear the bracelet. This decoration is worn on the right and left hand.
  • The combination of a bracelet and a watch on one hand is moveton.
  • Gold and silver bracelets are not combined. It should be said that wearing gold together with silver is generally not recommended.
  • Paired bracelets are always worn on two hands.

The centered bracelet should fit tightly around the arm. The distance from the wrist to the bracelet should not be more than the width of one finger.

Bracelets without a specific pattern, on the contrary, should be free on the arm.The bracelet should be proportional to the arm. Massive bracelets on a thin wrist look ridiculous. As well as vice versa, thin chain on a wide one.If you wear a lot of bracelets on one hand, keep in mind that they must be in harmony with each other not only in color but also in style.Given these rules when creating an image, you will never look inappropriate or vulgar.

How to store bracelets?

It is recommended to store the bracelets in a box with soft inner lining. So you do not risk scratching the decoration. Bracelets with stones are stored separately again, to avoid possible damage.Be sure to remove the bracelets before starting any water procedures or physical work. In the first case, you protect the product from excess moisture and ingress of negative chemical compounds on it. In the second, avoid breaking the bracelet, if you accidentally hook the product on something.

Bracelets need periodic cleaning. Regardless of the material used to clean the jewelry from dirt, it is recommended to use a soap solution and then wipe the product with a soft cloth.Among the huge variety of products from precious metals, in a separate large group can be attributed gold bracelets.

These can be various ingenious plexuses or large jewels with precious stones, as well as very delicate thin rims that emphasize the refinement of the wrist. Despite the fact that today a huge number of stores are filled with jewelry, precious metal jewelry is also in demand and loved by women and girls.

Gold bracelets are the main accessory wardrobe of any fashionista. Today you can find gold bracelets of different shapes, from any material. Trends in fashion change every year, jewelry designers bring new styles and models. But it is worth noting that your grandmother’s vintage gold bracelet will be absolutely relevant in our modern time.

Today, foreign designers offer not to be limited to one gold bracelet. In fashion are massive bracelets of different shapes. Leather bracelets with gold inserts are considered especially fashionable today, their designers recommend wearing several pieces. Prices for such accessories will be especially pleasant for you. They are much cheaper than classic gold bracelets with stones, but they look stylish and fashionable. Products with gold stakes resemble decorations of ancient Vikings. They are suitable for a strong, courageous, self-confident girl who is not afraid to experiment.

Now it has become very profitable to purchase jewelry through the Internet shop. We present to your attention the current catalog with high-quality photos, affordable prices and a wide range.Buy from online is easy. You just need to consider the offers that are in our catalog, choose gold bracelets from the photo and order. All jewelry is guaranteed by the manufacturer. They also organize delivery to all cities of America.

Women’s gold bracelets – how to choose the right one?

Modern women always pay special attention to the details of their image, as they are crucial in creating a sophisticated image. That is why women prefer to wear a variety of elegant jewelry, including gold bracelets. This is an integral element of her wardrobe, because the bracelet is able to radically change the semantic load of its appearance, make it more romantic and sophisticated. It should be noted that there are many nuances by which you can choose a bracelet. For example, this:

  • Type and type of weaving
  • If the product consists of links, then their shape and size
  • The presence in the decoration of precious stones, inserts and other decor.

The varieties of weaving presented on the modern market are full of diversity – so today you can buy a product of any shape, size, weight, etc. Which bracelet to give preference – depends only on the buyer and is determined by his individual taste preferences.

Another important criterion for choosing a bracelet is color even gold comes in several shades like yellow, red and even white. Bracelets similar in weaving, but made of gold of different shades, look differently on the hand. In addition, models can be decorated with various inserts and encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones.

A wide range of gold bracelets for women in the trading house

You can choose and purchase stylish bracelets from gold of different shades like red, yellow, white in the catalog of the trading house. The products presented here will harmoniously and elegantly complement the female image will place the necessary accents, making it more feminine and sophisticated.

It is recommended to pick up a gold bracelet in the shape of a hand. If a woman has thin brushes, then massive models will not fit her at all. They will look cumbersome and pretentious. For ladies with large hands, it is better to prefer jewelry that is not lost there. Thickened models with bright decor can perfectly highlight the beauty, but will not look aggressive. They can be picked up both in classical and extravagant execution. Gold bracelets are suitable for both romantic girls and women of balsac age.

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