When/why did you get into blogging?

I started blogging February of 2012. The more I wrote, the more I realized I loved blogging because it gave me a (small) platform to write about the things I love.

Do you make money from your blog?

I consider myself very fortunate, as what started as a hobby has now become a job. I make money by working with brands who pay me to create unique and engaging content on that usually features their products or services. If I’m working with a brand then I’ll say so in the post, so you’ll know if it’s sponsored.

While I do make money from some of my blog posts, I would never, ever write something I didn’t truly believe. I also make money through affiliate networks, advertising and marketing/content freelance work.

Who takes your photos?

Dave and I take all of our own photos. When we are both in the shot we are usually using a tripod and timer or remote. Often we also use our GoPro selfie-stick for photos together.

What Instagram filters or apps do you use to edit your Instagram photos?

I don’t usually use any mobile apps of filters for my Instagram photos, I take the majority of my photos as RAW files on my Sony Alpha A5100 Mirrorless Camera or GoPro Hero 5 and edit on a desktop using Adobe Lightroom.

If I do take phone photos I’ll edit with the VSCO app to add matte and grain filters to my photos to try and keep the style consistent.

Can I post one of your projects/photos on my website?

Please do not re-post the content of any blog post on my website without written permission. If you are a print publication wanting to use an images or if you have any questions about photo/content usage please contact me here.